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Sopico - FR

Sat, 12 February 2022

20H30 - (Doors: 19H30)

Temple de Carouge


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Sopico rolls out his light blues, like a warm wind in the urban dust, fresh and bewitching guitar hip-hop flowing along his tense and clear voice.

Sofiane is far from being a piccolo on the French hip-hop scene. A former member of 75e Session, Sopico spleens his flow in a boundless, lopsided and complex flow of love, with a feeling of nostalgia that crosses life’s cold months to rhythms that’ll make you sway gently in a cloud of arpeggios and minimal synthesizer bleeps. Taking pains to feel something, he takes you by the hand to lead you away from digital loves and the bitter concrete to wrap you in soothing melancholy, deposited on a rock, in Gibraltar for example, the sounds stretched between Seine Saint Denis and the shores of North Africa. Sopico is a wise poet of dematerialized daily life.

Bar & snacks

Collaboration : Transforme Festival