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Nada Surf - US

8 December 2022 - Alhambra

Thu, 8 December 2022

20H30 - (Doors: 19H00)



Sold out

NADA SURF — Cult band Nada Surf has been riding its power pop wave with dexterity for three decades, pouring out its introspective lyrics with love and sincerity. The veterans of US college rock have continuously attracted a fervent following since the 90s, delivering timeless hits based on an age-old formula, i.e. catchy guitars, a roaring bass, thumping drums and, above all, THAT moment – that part of a song, whether it’s the chorus, a tom fill or a soaring line, that makes audiences scream and raise their fists and beers – as evidenced by the unforgettable Popular, which hasn’t  aged a bit since 1996. In the Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie or Teenage Fanclub category, the New York outfit continues to excel, refining its know-how over nine albums, including the superb Never Not Together (2020), which proves, if it were still necessary, that the band has plenty more surfing to do.

co-production : Mainland et Soldout Productions

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