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Gaspar Claus - FR

Fri, 4 February 2022

20H30 - (Doors: 19H30)

Eglise de Veyrier


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Gaspar Claus is a cellist. That is to say, he plays the cello and everything he touches, or almost everything, he touches with his cello.

Claus has established himself as a lyrical conceptualist, in turns meditative and explosive, cherishing ideas for their textures and matter, conversely, for the way it stimulates the imagination and thinking. In other words, everything Claus addresses in the world around him, he compares with the weight of his cello, an instrument which he embraces, rubs, pinches and carries on his back for long journeys. Because Claus is also a surveyor, a geographer, nay a cartographer: a drawer of lines and interlacing. We look forward to his next tribulations as a possessed conductor, his ardent one-man recitals, his on-screen scores and all the unbelievable things to come, of which, let’s be sure, he himself still knows nothing.