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Émilie Zoé - CH

Wed, 9 February 2022

20H30 - (Doors: 19H30)

Villa Tacchini


Plein tarif: 30 CHF
Tarif réduit: 25 CHF
Tarif jeune: 20 CHF
Junior: 15 CHF


Reduced price (AVS « age and survivors insurance », unemployed, AI « disability insurance », Passedanse*)
Youth price (< 20 year old, student)
Junior (< 12 year old, owners of the « 20ans20francs » card)

The prices on the online shop are the only ones to be valid.
*Holders of the PASSEDANSE are entitled to the RP for the dance shows only.

Émilie Zoé opens up a fascinating universe. The fundamental simplicity of the triangle of guitar, drums and voice, is densified into a pyramid by the magic she exhales.

In each of her tracks, Émilie Zoé builds a triangular rock progression, opening the horizon towards the heights and depths in timeless temporality. With few effects, a guitar, her voice, precise and ingenious drumming, she’s a sad laugh shared with Elliott Smith, a few grunge slaps in the face dished out with PJ Harvey. Her riffs refer to the raw power of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, her voice to Shannon Wright’s self-confidence. The prodigious Swiss singer-songwriter aspires to fundamental simplicity, and she succeeds in doing so because her music possesses a vision, a taste, a smell, touching our five senses in a raw way. Zoé’s voice and guitar are the eraser and the pencil of a resurrected form of indie rock.

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