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Duration : 90-100 min

When you know that Nils Frahm spends on average more than 4 hours refining the configuration of his sound settings before each concert, it is impossible to see him as a pianist who integrates electro parts into his compositions. A true alchemist of sound, the Berlin musician has never been a fan of collage. Totally devoted to his art, Nils Frahm interprets demanding sound frescoes where any order of hierarchy between styles, registers of music and types of instruments is radically challenged in a total and immediate relationship. Immersed in a suspended time, the audience has no choice but to participate intimately in this sensory upheaval transmitted live.


Nils Frahm has been virtuously combining electro and classical music since the early 2000s. So, is he an exceptional pianist or a genius producer? The Berlin musician has never had to make that choice, preferring to draw his radicality from the mix of genres: between constant risk-taking experimented in the studio (up to the critically acclaimed album Spaces in 2013) and physical concerts where improvisation consecrates each live performance in the register of a unique performance.