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Mario Batkovic - CH

Spectacle acoustique

Sat, 12 February 2022

19H00 - (Doors: 18H00)

Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Geneva


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Far from the Parisian postcard, Mario Batkovic makes his accordion resonate with a thousand unknown sounds in a unique, entrancing experience.

By mixing classical and contemporary music, Mario Batkovic seeks to explore the sonic subtleties of his accordion, without effects or loops, but rather through a symbiotic relationship between man and instrument. The Swiss songwriter's symphonic vision, musical prowess and technical performance have made him a brilliant anomaly on the music scene, which has led to him being signed up to Invada Records, the demanding label of Geoff Barrow (Portishead, BEAK>). As part of his artistic relationship with Antigel, Batkovic will offer an original creation that will be split into two performances: a solo accordion for the first and, for the second, a concert of new electronic music from his corpus of international compositions and soundtracks.

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