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Antigel blows a fuse

Sat, 5 February 2022

19H00 - (Doors: 18H30)

Bureau des Autos

Sat, 5 February 2022

21H00 - (Doors: 20H30)

Bureau des Autos


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How about celebrating the drums by letting off steam on doom metal before smashing up a car? A sacrificial ritual where you’ll celebrate the beat in ‘rage room’ mode.

At the Service Cantonal des Véhicules in Carouge, people usually service cars or patiently learn to drive them. This time, in one of the depots, Antigel will clang together everything you wouldn’t imagine in such a place: scrunching metal, edgy bodies, and feverish heavy tempos as if to summon the storm and the crumpling of metal sheets that are mistreated as in J.G. Ballard’s Crash, but with the added humour, smoke and leaden groove! Thrown into this industrial space where extremes are unabashedly celebrated, spirits inevitably heat up, slide towards a frenzy and exult intensely during a grand finale that is all about release and destruction.     

Dress warmly !

Bar & snacks

Collaboration: EPI-Espace de Pratique Instrumentale


Artists : Béatrice Graf, Bernard Trontin, Alex Muller Ramirez, Clément Grin, Eva Lambillon, Fabio Zoppelli, Joachim Ciocca, L’ÉPI, Mario Torchio, Furioza

Musicians kids : Elliott Pollard Morclett, Axel Hertenstein, Achille Spichiger, Gaspard Vedovati

Synthesizer : Stéphane Augsburger

Music : Sunfast - Bernard Trontin, Alexandre Muller, Eric Linder